Title: One hundred noteworthy boletes from China
First Author: Gang Wu; Yan-Chun Li; Xue-Tai Zhu; Kuan Zhao; Li-Hong Han;Yang-Yang Cui; Fang Li; Jian-Ping Xu; Zhu L. Yang

Fungi of the family Boletaceae are of greatimportance in both ecology and economy. Our previousmolecular phylogenetic studies have shown this family tohave an extremely high species diversity in China. To furtherdocument the Chinese boletes, morphological studies andphylogenetic analyses were conducted including species ofBoletaceae from China and other parts of the world. Theresults indicate that seven subfamily-level major clades and62 generic clades can be retrieved, 52 of which are found inChina. Furthermore, 100 species (comprising 32 genera)common in China are illustrated and described here in detail.Among them, four genera and 46 species are new to science,and 26 new combinations are proposed. To interpret thespecies concepts consistently, epitypes for five species aredesignated based on collections made from or near the typelocalities. Notes on eight extralimital species are also provided.Among the species reported here, most of the speciesare known only from East Asia. Only Leccinum scabrum(Bull.) Gray, Porphyrellus porphyrosporus (Fr.&Ho¨k) E.-J.Gilbert and Tylopilus felleus (Bull.) P. Karst. are widelydistributed in the Holarctic, and Buchwaldoboletus lignicola(Kallenb.) Pila´t; Strobilomyces strobilaceus (Scop.) Berk.are in Eurasia; while Aureoboletus mirabilis (Murrill) Halling,Harrya chromapes (Frost) Halling et al., and Sutoriuseximius (Peck) Halling et al. are found throughout East Asia-North America based on morphological and molecularphylogenetic evidences.

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Page Number: 25-188
Issue: 1
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PubYear: 2016
Volume: 81
Publication Name: Fungal Diversity
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