Title: Porcini mushrooms (Boletus sect. Boletus) from China
First Author: Yang-Yang Cui;Bang Feng;Gang Wu;Jianping Xu;Zhu L. Yang

Porcini mushrooms (Boletus sect. Boletus) have botheconomic and ecological importance. Recent molecular phylogeneticstudy has uncovered rich species diversity of this groupof fungi from China. In this study, the Chinese porcini werecharacterized by both morphological andmolecular phylogeneticevidence. 15 species were recognized, including nine new species,namely B. botryoides, B. fagacicola, B. griseiceps,B. monilifer, B. sinoedulis, B. subviolaceofuscus,B. tylopilopsis, B. umbrinipileus and B. viscidiceps. Three previouslydescribed species, viz. B. bainiugan, B. meiweiniuganjunand B. shiyong, were revised, and B. meiweiniuganjun is treatedas a synonym of B. bainiugan. A key to the Chinese porcinimushrooms was provided.

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Page Number: 189-212
Issue: 1
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PubYear: 2016
Volume: 81
Publication Name: Fungal Diversity
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