Title: Four new genera of the fungal family Boletaceae
First Author: Gang Wu; Kuan Zhao; Yan-Chun Li; Nian-Kai Zeng; Bang Feng; Roy E. Halling; Zhu L. Yang

Based on our previous molecular phylogeneticanalyses, four new genera are described, namely Baorangia,Lanmaoa, Parvixerocomus, and Rugiboletus, and one knowngenus, Neoboletus, is re-delimitated. Four new species andnine new combinations are proposed. Morphological charactersof each genus and related eleven species are described andillustrated. Most of species in the genera described fromsouthwestern China are wild edible mushrooms and can befound in free markets.

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Page Number: 1-24
Issue: 1
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PubYear: 2016
Volume: 81
Publication Name: Fungal Diversity
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