Title: Aplosporella thailandica; a novel species revealing the sexual-asexual connection in Aplosporellaceae (Botryosphaeriales)
First Author: Ekanayaka, A. H.; Dissanayake, A. J.; Jayasiri, S. C.; To-anun, C.; Jones, E. B. G.; Zhao, Q.; Hyde, K. D.
Abstract: Aplosporella thailandica sp. nov. was collected from a dead stem in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand and identified by morphological characteristics and analyses of combined ITS and EF1-alpha sequence data. This is the first report of a sexual morph with molecular evidence for this genus and the first record of spermatogenesis and chlamydospore associated with the asexual state of this family. The sexual morph of Aplosporella thailandica resembles Bagnisiella and the asexual morph resembles Aplosporella, thus proving the sexual-asexual connection for the first time for this family.
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Page Number: 440-447
Issue: 4
Subject: Mycology
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PubYear: 2016
Volume: 7
Publication Name: MYCOSPHERE
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