Title: Phomatosporales ord. nov and Phomatosporaceae fam. nov., to accommodate Lanspora, Phomatospora and Tenuimurus, gen. nov.
First Author: Senanayake, I. C.; Al-Sadi, A. M.; Bhat, J. D.; Camporesi, E.; Dissanayake, A. J.; Lumyong, S.; Maharachchikumbura, S. S. N.; Hyde, K. D.
Abstract: In an ongoing study on Sordariomycetes from Italy we identified three Phomatospora-like species, which we selected for further study. Morphological characterization and phylogenetic analysis, using combined LSU, SSU and ITS sequence data, showed them to be related to other Phomatospora species in a distinct clade in Sordariomycetes. The Phomatospora species clustered in three clades, including P. viticola in Phomatospora sensu stricto, Lanspora coronata, and the new genus Tenuimurus. These new taxa together with Lanspora coronata and other Phomatospora species form a distinct clade which we introduce as a new family Phomatosporaceae and a new order Phomatosporales, which is sister to the order Amplistromatales. The new genus and species are introduced and compared.
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Page Number: 628-641
Issue: 5
Subject: Mycology
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PubYear: 2016
Volume: 7
Publication Name: MYCOSPHERE
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