Title: Meroterpenoids from Ganoderma Species: A Review of Last Five Years
First Author: Xingrong Peng; Minghua Qiu
Abstract: Meroterpenoids are hybrid natural products that partially originate from the terpenoid pathway. Ganoderma meroter-
penoids (GMs) are a type of meroterpenoids containing a 1,2,4-trisubstituted phenyl and a polyunsaturated terpenoid part.
Over last 5 years, great efforts have been made to conduct phytochemistry research on the genus Ganoderma, which have
led to the isolation and identi?cation of a number of GMs. These newly reported GMs showed diverse structures and a wide
range of biological activities. This review gives an overview of new GMs from genus Ganoderma and their biological
activities and biosynthetic pathway, focusing on the period from 2013 until 2018.
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PubYear: 2018
Volume: 8
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